Monday, November 12, 2007

Anniversary Weekend'O'Fun

This past weekend Rich and I went away. Other than our honeymoon, pretty much every vacation we've taken has been to my parent's place in Kingston, so this was a nice change of pace. As soon I got home from school on Friday we got packed up and ready to go. We left and drove to Port Perry, to the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at called The Sanctuary. It was a lovely little B&B and we got settled in and then went for dinner. After a leisurely, late dinner we went back and jumped into the hot tub to finish off the first day of our relaxing weekend.

Saturday we got up and had a great breakfast (well, I did, Rich had his smoothie as he's still on a very restricted diet). We then got on the road to head off to Rich's anniversary surprise I had planned. A few kms down the road Rich whips the car over to the side, jumps out and runs over to the other side of the road so he can take a picture of a cow that is reasonably close. We are such city people! We continue on our way and about 20 minutes later we are at the Salem Alpaca farm which is owned and operated by family members of mine. Rich has always thought Llamas and Alpacas were funny, so we thought we'd check them out. They are actually quite cute! Some of them were pretty friendly and we enjoyed our time with them. There was a store there that sold alpaca paraphernalia and it turns out their hair is hypoallergenic and is 8 times warmer than sheep's wool. We got a blanket and mitts and slippers and they are all so warm!

The rest of Saturday we toured around a few of the little towns and picked up some little things. Saturday evening we napped, read, watched a movie, did the hot tub, and then off to bed. Sunday was a leisurely breakfast and then we hit the road to head home. Once home, Rich went for a nap and I did some work. We went for dinner and rented a movie that evening. It was a wonderfully relaxing, and MUCH needed weekend - more for me and us than for Rich really, but he enjoyed it as well. We're hoping to make the B&B thing an annual event. I still can't decide if I like that or a hotel better.

Check out the Alpaca's!

This is Rich getting up close and personal with a male alpaca and a female alpaca just hanging out.


At 1:13 PM, Blogger Debi said...

They look like they are wearing hairpieces!!

At 12:21 PM, Blogger miranda said...

so cute!

i love Bn'Bs!! they can be kind of sketchy in that you can sometimes get an unwanted look into someone's personal life! haha! but often the family go out of their way for you to stay in business!

either way, they usually result in good stories and memories, - more than a stale and plain hotel environment!!

my 2 cents!!

glad you had some relaxn' time!


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