Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quick blog....

Quick first day of school blog....

So I am in my "drying phase" getting ready for school for the first day of school. Rich is TOTALLY stressing out that I'm blogging right now.

I just wanted to say I have the best hubby in the world. He got up this morning with me and made me breakfast to send me on my way.

I also have the best puppy in the world. Rich wanted to put a piece of banana in her breakfast and she kept sticking her nose in there, so he made her sit and stay and wait till he dropped it in. He dropped it in and went back to making his breakfast. She started whining a few minutes later and we couldn't really figure out why but both noticed about the same time. Rich hadn't told her it was ok to eat her breakfast again, so there she sat, waiting for the "ok" that releases her. She was so good! I was so proud of her.

Thanks for helping me today schnooks. Love you.


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