Sunday, November 04, 2007


So I have had a very busy weekend. Thursday I signed out of school early, drove home, changed, loaded the car, and headed off to Huntsville for my OMEA conference. I've never been up there and wasn't sure how lost I could get myself but the drive up there was uneventful. I checked into the hotel, and then went over to my room, which was in one of the condo like units. I couldn't get the door open because like a dork I was trying to open the wrong one so I went back to the front desk. As I'm driving up I see someone I think I know, that I used to work with at Bell, but I think, what are the odds? So I go in, find out I'm a dork, and go check into my room. I then head over to the conference and register, and then head off to bed.

Friday morning I went to the dining room for what turned out to be a ridiculously expensive breakfast, but when I walked in the girl asked if I was there for the Bell breakfast. Doesn't it turn out to be a bunch of managers I used to work with. So I spoke to a few and caught up, though by the time I left most hadn't arrived yet. So the guy I thought I saw, I did see. Too funny.

The conference started with the keynote address which was great. During that ceremony I received my award, and then it was off to workshops. I saw a few friends from last year and it was fantastic to catch up with them. The 3 workshops I went to were amazing. I loved all of them. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. They had a great vendor display too with all sorts of music and music education paraphernalia and I ran into a cousin of mine who works for Cosmo music which was cool - great to catch up. Friday evening a bunch of us went to Kelsey's for dinner, and then back to the hotel to sleep.

Due to the outrageously expensive breakfast the day before, Saturday morning I opted for a granola bar Rich had packed me in my little goodie bag he made me. I went right to my first workshop which surprisingly sucked. The guy had some good points but really logical. It should have been geared to non-music teachers teaching music. It wasn't even the content that disappointed me it was the delivery. The guy had a 4 page handout which he distributed, then he had the exact same points on powerpoint, which he then read. It only took 30 minutes instead of the full time which was about an hour and 45 minutes. The other three workshops were fabulous again like the 3 the day before. We wrapped up the day with 3 of us from OISE and a friend of one of the other girls who's in teacher's college now going out for dinner. Then it was back home.

I had a pretty bad headache most of the day but as I was driving staring at headlights it was getting worse. I finally pulled off the highway in Barrie and slept for a bit to try to alleviate the pain. I continued on my way and made it home sometime around 10 I think? I'm not quite sure what time it was. Today it was back to Toronto for my friend Karyn's engagement party. It was a nice morning, and then since I was in Toronto already and my parents were in Scarborough I zipped over to see them.

Now I am overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do, yet here I sit blogging.

Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary. This year it was my turn to plan it, and we are doing something uber cheesy. Rich really likes llamas, and I have a great aunt who owns an el packa farm so we are going to visit them and feed and pet them and stuff. Should be a giggle. For now, I have a ton of work to do as I'm away at a board meeting on Wednesday, so I have to plan for another supply teacher. Tomorrow is mini-report card day, so I'll be there bright and early. I have a feeling our big anniversary activity tomorrow will be napping. Luckily, I have the best hubby in the world, and he won't mind napping at all.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Rich said...

Afternoon nappies are awesome!!! close second of course is the late morning nap.

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Rachel Pede said...

happy anniversary.
do you know that we are half anniversary friends?
if you were married on Nov 5 and Nathan and I on May 5, that is exactly half a year apart.
So today we are married for 6 months and you for 2 years.

At 12:41 AM, Blogger miranda said...

number one: i love jaci + rich!

number two: i'm SO happy the conference was so great and so geared to you (minus sat morn man!)

number three: hope you catch up on some Z's and homework!



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