Monday, September 10, 2007

First Week of School

For many people out there, parents and students alike, another school year has started. Many seem excited to go back, many are sad to go back. I was excited and nervous. The start of last week marked the first week of what I hope is a long teaching career.

The first week presented many challenges. There are some that I know are going to be ongoing. It's not the ideal situation, but really, what is? I'm sure I'll figure out what to do. I'm teaching 2 periods a day, and tomorrow I have an extra class that I'm supplying for which is great because it's extra cash.

So here is what happened last week in a nutshell:
First day of school - forgot my lunch. Got to Fruitland Rd, realized this, and then was so frazzled I turned back to get it and then was running a bit late. Got there just in time for the 8am staff meeting. School itself was great.
On the way home - car broke down in Grimsby. It just stopped. I was going 120 on the QEW in the left lane and it just completely stopped. Sat and cried and waited for a tow truck who $50 later (and what I discovered was a crappy roadside assistance package) took me to my mechanic. School is over at 2:30, I got home after 6. Had time to eat, change, check email, and head up to the church for nightly stuff.

Wednesday - walked out the door without my lunch, remembered before I got to the car, got it. It's because I've been making it at night I keep forgetting it in the morning. Was disgustingly sweaty on the way home because Rich's car doesn't have air conditioning.
Wednesday morning - Internet and phone went down at home. Rich tried to fix it, waited for me to get home.
Wednesday 4th period - Rich called to give me the diagnosis on the car. Timing belt snapped, took out the head and the head gasket (I didn't even know it had both of those), the battery, and many other important and several things on the top of the engine. Quote was massive. Again, I cried. Luckily, my wonderful husband had solutions ready for me to choose from when he called. We still had no internet or phone.
Wednesday after work - call Cogeco, they can't get a service guy out until MONDAY. I am dying without internet.

Thursday - forgot my lunch, realized in St. Catharine's. Getting exceedingly frustrated with a particular situation that could present itself all year and I have no idea how to fix it yet. If you want to know I'll gladly discuss it offline.
After school - drove ON TO a median on the way home from school because I went a new way home and wasn't paying nearly enough attention in the rental car that my lovely mechanic provided free of charge for us (with air conditioning). Picked up Gary in Welland, headed home.
Thursday night - Band practice. I played much better than I did at the read through session, but still not great. Oh well, I'll get better. Got invited out to Jack Astors with some of the bandie's. Couldn't go, but appreciated the invite nonetheless.
Still no internet or phone.

Friday - Did take my lunch - remembered before I left the house yaaaayy! Found out during the day I am not going to Florida after all. The reason is not a good one. Very frustrating. Still not sure if I should point out the lousy logic in it, or just ignore it. Might be too soon in my career to say anything. I'm bummed I'm not going, more bummed because of the reason. Again, willing to fill people in, but not on here.
Friday afternoon - left my lunch bag at the school in the fridge. Didn't realize till this morning. Again, no internet and phone.

Saturday was the church garage sale and picnic. Rich bought a Darth Vader mask. Him and Gary took turns wearing it. Still no internet and phone. Shocker.

Sunday was a long day. Rehearsal in the morning, church, lunch with new friends after church, home for a nap, drive Gary back to Welland, visit Rich's mom who isn't feeling well, went home, finished prep, went to bed. Still no internet.

Today we have internet and phone! Yaaaaaayyy! I also got my car back today yaaaaaaayyy! Rich is making me spaghetti dinner and then going back to resting. He's still off work but slowly getting better which is great.

So far, I love my job. It's hard. Lots of people don't realize how much work after school is done - especially when it comes to new teachers - I didn't realize how much even. That's not a complaint, I really do love it, and the option to leave school before 3 and do the work at home is great. I am looking forward to the coming year to see how it pans out! Hope everyone else had a first week of school!


At 10:24 PM, Blogger Gary said...

hahaha funny blog - busy week!

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Natasha said...

sounds like the first week was full of ups and downs... can't wait to hear all the side story's...Sorry to hear about Florida... I know you were looking forward to it.


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