Friday, February 22, 2008

Two funny stories....

Well, they made me giggle anyway.

For Christmas, my brother Ian got Rich a bluetooth headset to go with his cell phone. He works at Best Buy and gets them cheap, so after Christmas I went in and picked up one for myself. They are great - probably giving me cancer of some sort I'm sure, but keep my hands free nonetheless. So when the headset is turned on near the phone, you can't use the actual phone to talk into. So one day, Gary and I head over to where Rich's car is at work to switch cars (long story). Gary and I get there, and I call Rich to tell him I'm there. I flip open my phone and dial, and it connects but I can't hear anything. So I hang up and try again. Same thing. Then my phone rings, I answer it, and there's no one there. I try one more time to call Rich. As it's dialing, I see the little icon that says the bluetooth function is on, and my headset is close enough that it's connecting. I realize it's got to be in my purse or pocket. Gary and I start frantically searching, and I started yelling "wait....I'm looking for you!!" Finally Gary says "Stop!" and we stop. He listens. Then he opens my purse and says "Richard....if you are in here can you please say something?" We hear a tiny voice say "Hello?" We burst out laughing - I could barely talk when I finally found the headset I was laughing so hard. It sounds silly, but Gary and I had a great time looking for my missing husband in my purse.

Second fun story. Yesterday Rich came to school with me to teach a few classes. He talked to 2 careers classes about his job, and then taught my friend's safety/first aid portion of her foods class. This was during my prep so I got to watch the First Aid. Throughout the lesson he referred to elevating and dressing wounds, injuries, burns etc. After saying to dress the wound so many times, one student put up her hand and asked "Do you mean salad dressing?" To which I burst out laughing (not recommended to laugh at your students). She was totally serious. Rich said to her in a nice voice " don't dye your hair at all do you?" (she was blonde) to which she replied "What??"

So funny.

10 school days till March Break!


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