Friday, December 21, 2007

Winding down, or up, for Christmas!

So I have almost survived first semester. I am incredibly drained, and yesterday it was finally showing. Other teachers kept asking me if I was ok. I have been looking for jobs for next semester as starting second semester most of you know I have no job. Teachers kept saying something would turn up, and I was hopeful, but had to start looking. The only way to get a new job is to have a recommendation from your Principal and Vice-Principal, so I asked this week if I could use them as references. They both said yes, and I told the Principal although I want to stay, I need to be realistic about my chances so I need to start looking. She said "yes definitely, look". I was hoping she'd hint that I didn't need to look so I was bummed, but looking.

Yesterday I was leaving school and I got paged to the office. The Principal had let me know she would probably call me down Thursday to set up my evaluation for January. I said sure no problem, so I wasn't surprised when I was called down. I sat down and she said she'd spoken to the board and they have allowed her to offer another section of music, which means they have an opening! I don't know whether it's contract or LTO, but it's work, and it's another music class! So starting Feb 2nd I'll be teaching grade 9 music. I don't know if anything else will open up, but it's more likely it will open up for me now that I'll be at the school. So I'm incredibly thankful and excited, and a bit rejuvenated to do my last day of school!!

Tonight Rich and I are off to see White Christmas in Toronto at the Hummingbird Centre or whatever it's called now. We got free tickets and I am pumped! Hope everyone is having a good last day of school before Christmas!


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Marilyn said...

Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas!


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