Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blogging and Bruxy, School and Friends

I wonder if blogging is finished? Out of the long list of blogs I used to check most haven't been updated in more than a year. There are a few who blog and I still read and enjoy them, but it seems the blogging world has moved into the Facebook world. I wonder what will be next?

Sunday after church we went to lunch and we were sitting there waiting to order and the big table right beside ours had a guy who looked a lot like Bruxy Cavey. Rich and I have been to the Meeting House and really enjoyed it, and have also listened to his podcasts (Rich more than me) and Rich has read his book. We both really enjoy his stuff. There was a little girl with him that looked about the right age for his daughter. So Rich is super excited, waits till he's done eating and then went over and asked if he was Bruxy. Sure enough it was. I went over then and we said how much we enjoyed his podcasts. Rich says to him "we're sort of fans". So he starts laughing and says how they were all giving him a hard time today about being "famous" and preaching to people who he's never met and on and on. The guy who'd been sitting with him he said, would have been sure he'd given us $20 to come up and say hi. So he was super nice, we left and went back to our meal. Before he left he came over to our table and shook our hands again and said he'd probably run into us again next time he has a Sunday off. Too funny.

School is winding down for the semester. Performance exams yesterday and today, EQAO testing in Math, culminating activities in English. I'm a bit behind in my marking again but this time it's not too bad - I have a few days to get caught up. I have to go for an ear test on Wednesday that the board pays for for it's music teachers. I'm actually looking forward to that and protecting my ears. I'm lucky they made it mandatory this year - the year I started, so hopefully the one semester of damage I've done won't be too bad! I still have my one section next semester, so we're praying something else opens up.

Friends. I've started to try to redefine my definition of friends. Unfortunately, this means that those I thought were friends I am often understanding now are acquaintances. The ones who called me for help with moving, or something like that, but are never available for dinner. The ones that said a ton of times, "we'd love to have you over" and never did. Sometimes we had them over, some never accepted the invitation, some we never asked. I don't think I know what a friend is. I think I know how to be one to someone else pretty well, but in many cases I'm not sure what it means to have one.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Natasha said...

Hey Jaci, I know the blogging world is weird. I am always in waves with it I blog for a while and then forget that its there. I think that its kinda cool though to be able to sneak a peak at what might be going on with people though. I hope that your ear test goes well.
My thoughts on the friends world for what its worth is that its messy business... I have friends that I hardly talk to but I know that when or if I really need them they would be there. That doesn't help when your lonely or need someone just to talk though... Hope you guys are well.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Pilot said...

Hey Jaci ... with the social engineering sites like myspace and facebook, it really is interesting to see how they devalue the meaning of "friend". Today is seems like anyone you have ever met at any time in your life is a friend.

What is a friend?

I have had the same phone number for more than 20 years. If a "friend" from the past wants to find me - it isn't that difficult! Not to mention if you google my name it pops up right at the top! I don't need to join something with little privacy and less accountibility to know who my friends are. Even if I did have time to play on the computer for hours.

I have seen more hurt people and witnessed things I wish I had never seen, but somehow I am missing out.

We have a private and secure family forum that I do make time for. I think communicating with family is extremely important. Wasting time with people who can't even be bothered to phone once a decade is not a high priority. (No offence to those who don't consider it a waste of time)

If I am going to spend hours of time on the computer, it will be to work on the church website, or my website, or one of our forums.

Time is a form of currency (per scripture) ... to be a proper steward of my time means prioritizing. God comes first, then my bride, then my family, then my work, then my extended family, then my church family, then my church responsibilities, then myself. I can't imagine all of those responsibilities being taken care of and then having time to see if someone I knew when I was in grade 6 got a new cat. Nor do I care.

I don't have enough time to invest in people who really matter to me ... so don't be expecting me to be in any of those sites.

Just knowing someone once does not make them a friend. Being a friend in the past does not make them a friend now. There is a reason they are not considered a friend now. How many times have I heard "now I remember why we don't keep in touch"?

The past is the past. Wisdom is the ability to leave what needs to be left in the past, as you grow personally and make new friends on this adventurous journey.

It is not important how many friends you've ever had ... the important thing is how many have you demonstrated a Godly life to by being a real friend?


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