Friday, August 03, 2007

More Summer Fun....

I should be getting ready for work but there are way too many things to check online first. Thank you to everyone who has been so understanding about us pulling out of the camping trip this weekend. We are really bummed to not be going. This is the first year we've both had the weekend off, had someone to watch Chewie, weren't moving, etc. so this sucks! I'll hopefully make it up there for a bit on Sunday.

I am really looking forward to my time off this coming week! Rich was only supposed to be around the Wed/Thurs but because he's off sick I'll have company a lot more. We are both going a bit stir crazy looking at the walls all the time - him a lot more than me obviously.

This week work has been up and down. The kid I am working with is a good kid, but she's demanding. I am super helpful and accommodating, but I get so frustrated with the lack of manners and respect I see from a lot of the kids. We went to Wild Water Kingdom on Wednesday with them and it was pretty fun. I've never been there and I only went on one slide but I forgot how fun they were. The frustrating part of the day was my camper wanted to be carried everywhere. She's 16 and very small, and has had knee surgery I think several months ago, and wears braces normally. She had them off for the day and I knew carrying would be a possibility as her knees would get tired a lot faster. My frustration came in when she wanted to be carried the moment we got off the bus, for no other reason than she didn't like the feel of the grass on her feet. I had a lot of help from other counselors who know how bad my back is, but even carrying her the short time I did has made my back quite tight. Hopefully it'll loosen up in the pool today.

Rich gets bursts of energy in the morning and he cleans or reorganizes something and then he's exhausted and coughs more. Silly boy. On the upside, the kitchen looks great! Thanks schnooks!

Finally, Chewie will be 2 on Saturday. I have a couple pics of her I want to put up. Super cute. Also I want to put up a pic of something she did to Rich. Because of the heat it's a lot harder to walk her - both of us and her - so we try to find ways to exercise her in the house. I discovered a great one: Hide and Seek. She lies at the top of the stairs by our bedroom and I tel her to stay. Then I go hide, and yell "Chewie come!" She flies down the stairs and hunts around till she finds me, gives me a lick and jumps around all excited. If I hide in the basement that's two flights of stairs down and up. After about 4 or 5 "hides" the other night she was exhausted. It was great.

Off to get ready for work. Hope everyone has a fantastic time camping this weekend. If you aren't camping, let us know and come visit!


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