Monday, July 02, 2007

One more Ivan story....

So I really like the fact that with blogging I have an online journal of things that have happened through our life. One more story Rich wanted me to post about Ivan - it's one of our favorites:

Rich and I had been dating about 2.5 months and I was up from Toronto visiting for the weekend. Rich had a cadet thing to do and so he was going to be gone a lot of the weekend but I saw him in the evenings. So on Saturday Rich is gone, and I'm in the shower. I heard what I thought was the phone ringing so I hurry and jump out of the shower. As soon as the water is off I realize it's not the phone, but the fire alarm. I grab a big housecoat, throw it on and run out of the bathroom. I've never lived in an apartment so I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew I had to do 2 things. One, get me out, two, get the cats out.

Rich had the cats before he had me, and I was pretty sure if I let them die in the raging fire he would break up with me. I grabbed my backpack and dumped it out all over the guest room bed. I ran and grabbed Sheba, and shoved her in the bag. Now Sheba loves everyone, and as long as she's with someone she's happy, and she loves to be in bags, boxes, etc. So she's happy in the backpack and I go to get Ivan. Ivan is backing into a closet with a look on his face that I'm sure is telling me "not a are NOT putting me in that bag". I can't reach him so I figure I'll get her out first. I run out of the building and throw Sheba in my car, lock it, and run back into the burning building to get Ivan. I'm crying by this time, worried about Ivan.

I've said before I don't like cats, but Ivan was different. He was so full of himself and so above everyone it was hilarious. I really wanted him to like me, and I knew shoving him in a bag was going to set us back in the whole liking me thing. I ran back into the apartment and I'm begging Ivan to come out of the closet to me. Then the alarm stops. It was a test. They forgot to put signs up warning people it was just a test of the system. I'm shaking because of the adrenaline and I go back to the car to get Sheba. We go back into the apartment, I put her down and start to cry again.

Rich chooses this moment to walk in the door. I'm in a housecoat still, my hair is dripping and partly frozen as it's December, Sheba is still in the backpack, and Ivan is looking thoroughly unimpressed with me. Rich gives me a hug and tries to find out what's wrong as I'm bawling. He finally gets the story out of me and starts to shake he's laughing so hard.

So that is my story about how I attempted to rescue Rich's cats from a "burning building". I think I was pretty courageous - I didn't know it was a test! Ivan and I did eventually become friends, and he's the only cat I really loved.


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Oh my! That would have been something to see....I'm glad you finally forgave Rich as well for laughing!

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Ashley said...

Aw, that is way too cute! It sounds like something I would do, acutally. I can tell you really did love shows in the way you type passionatly about him. I am sure he is much happier and in a lot less paid where he is now. May he rest in peace in kitty heaven!


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