Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Long Weekend and Chewie

I have to say I really missed reading everyone's blogs over the weekend. I kept checking my little bloglines page to see what was new and there was almost nothing all weekend! I'm glad everyone is back and blogging again! I'm also glad there was such great weather for all of you who were away. We really missed everyone and hope to come another year.

Both of us are going a bit stir crazy now. I feel bad for Rich as I have been able to sneak out and see a few good friends who have helped my sanity some, but Rich is still going nuts. We have watched some of the weirdest movies lately. We did have company last night when my aunt and uncle came over which was super nice. They are incredibly generous and have given us some fabulous things over the years, books, meals, furniture they are replacing, but the most generous thing in my opinion is Chewie.

Most of you know I love my Chewie. She's nuts, but I love her. She turned two on Saturday and my aunt and uncle brought her a birthday present in the form of a squeaky toy with a rope in it. She promptly tore a hole in it within two minutes. Now she is a big dog, but she is sweet. She has her moments where she isn't and we are working on that, but for the most part she is a good dog.

She had one of these moments where she isn't so sweet a few weeks ago. Rich was sitting on the floor brushing her. I don't know if she enjoys that, but she lets us do it. She tries to bite the brush periodically but doesn't wiggle or go for our hands or anything. So she's on the floor, Rich is in on the floor, and I think Kevin was in the chair. Chewie was gazing out the sliding doors when she spotted it: a squirrel. She loves them. She does not love them in her yard. As she usually does when she sees one, she launches herself into the sliding doors and hits the door with her front paws while standing upright on her back legs. This time though, she launched herself OFF of Rich's leg. Below are two pictures. One is Chewie just as she woke up from sleeping in the hallway, legs in the air, sprawled out, looking totally sweet and vulnerable. The other is a picture of what she did to him a few days after it happened, with my hand so you can see how big it is.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. I'm off to prep for a while as I still have a TON to do before Sept and school starts in less than a month!


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